FIRST. Object of the Contract

By means of this Agreement, the Licensor undertakes to grant, in a non-exclusive and non-transferable way, a license to the exploitation rights of the Software in favor of the Licensee. This License will adhere to the provisions of this Contract and the provisions of article 99 and following of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, which
approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law, as well as the other applicable legislation.

SECOND. Purpose of the License

The Licensee may only exploit this License in a non-exclusive and non-transferable way, expressly acknowledging that this form of exploitation is essential to comply with the Purpose of this Agreement.

On the other hand, the use of the Software granted through this License will be limited to the following activities or objectives: Analysis software and trading strategy in Futures markets. Assistant in the intraday operations of the Futures market Hereinafter, the "Purpose". The Licensee undertakes to use the necessary means to be able to exploit the Software in accordance with the Purpose of this License.

In addition, the Licensee will inform the Licensor of all possible infringements of the intellectual property rights of the Software that a third party has carried out or may intend to carry out, as well as provide the other Party with all its collaboration in the defense of these rights.

Finally, the use of the Software for a purpose other than that contained in this Stipulation is expressly prohibited.

THIRD. License restrictions

3.1 Licensee cannot and agrees not to allow or permit others to modify, adapt, translate, sublicense, rent, lease or loan all or part of the Licensed Software or Documentation

3.2 Licensee cannot and agrees not to allow or permit others to create derivative works of all or part of the Licensed Software or Documentation; and Licensee may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or attempt to discover the source code of the Licensed Software

3.3 Licensee cannot and agrees not to allow or permit others to use an earlier version of the Licensed Software after receiving a replacement media or an updated version as a replacement for an earlier version (in such event, Licensee must destroy the earlier version )

3.4 Licensee cannot and agrees not to allow or permit others to use the Licensed Software in the operation of any business, aircraft, ship, nuclear facilities, life support machines, communication systems or any other equipment in which the failure of the software could lead to personal injury, death, or environmental damage

3.5 Licensee may not and agrees not to allow or permit others to remove or conceal any copyright or trademark notices, or third party copyright and trademark notices that Licensor has included in the Software or Documentation with License

3.6 Licensee cannot and agrees not to allow or permit others to use the Licensed Software to host applications for third parties, as part of a facilities management, timeshare, service provider or service agency agreement

3.7 Licensee may not install the Licensed Software on other devices after the Licensed Software has been installed on a device without the prior consent of Licensor

3.8 Licensee cannot and agrees not to allow or permit others to use the Licensed Software in any way that is illegal or not authorized by this EULA

InstallationLicensee may only install one copy of the Licensed Software on a single device. The licensee must be the primary user of the device on which the licensed software is installed. This Agreement will apply to all installations of the Licensed Software. Installation of the licensed software on two or more devices is prohibited. Licensee maypurchase and install multiple licenses if Licensee wishes to install the software on two or more devices. Licensee shall be solely responsible for all expenses incurred in the installation and use of the Licensed Software by Licensee.

The End User License Agreement (EULA) does not obligate Licensor to provide Licensee with any technical support services related to the Licensed Software; however, Licensee may request additional support services for an additional charge or obtain free email support as Licensor may offer it from time to time during the term of this EULA. Email support includes priority technical assistance for installation and troubleshooting, and upgrade and maintenance coverage.

QUARTER. Remuneration of the License and payment method

The Parties agree to pay an amount according to the type of license contracted.

Credit or debit card, Bank Transfer, Paypal Finally, the Licensor will issue an invoice to the Licensee in compliance with the necessary legal requirements and within the terms provided in current legislation.

FIFTH. Ownership of the Software

For appropriate purposes, the Licensor is the owner of the rights to exploit the Software. By virtue of this, the Licensor agrees to:​

a. Exonerate the Licensee from all liability towards third parties who allege a possible violation of their intellectual property rights over the Software.

b. Keep the Licensee informed of all possible fraudulent uses or violations of intellectual property rights on the Software that third parties may have made, committing to adopt all necessary measures to guarantee their protection and the correct use of the Software.

In any case, the license of the exploitation rights over the Software will not generate any industrial or intellectual property rights in favor of the Licensee. In this way, the Licensor will fully retain his unaltered ownership of the exploitation rights of the Software.

SIXTH. Software Support

The Licensor will deliver the Software together with all the elements (such as supplements, databases or manuals) necessary to allow its correct use according to its Purpose

SEVENTH. Geographical scope of the License

The Licensee may make full use of the License in any country or region of the world without any restriction provided that the provisions of this Agreement are respected

EIGHTH. License Duration

Lighthouse Trading offers three types of software use license duration: 15 days, quarterly and annually Upon termination of the Contract for any reason, the Licensee will return the Software to the Licensor, having to comply, in any case, with the provisions of the stipulation "Obligation of secrecy and confidentiality" on the obligation of confidentiality. The termination of the Contract as a result of the arrival at the end of its initial duration period, or of any of its extensions, will not generate any right of indemnification or compensation in favor of any of the Parties. In any case, the term may not exceed the maximum term of the Licensor's software exploitation rights in accordance with the provisions of the Consolidated Text of the Intellectual Property Law

NINTH. Software Delivery

Software DeliveryThe Licensor agrees to deliver the Software at the time the Licensee pays the full amount of its price. The Licensor will be responsible for the delivery of the Software, responding to the possible expenses that may arise from sending the supports or manuals related to the Software.

TENTH. Expenses and taxes derived from the License

The taxes, fees and contributions that may be derived from this License will be the exclusive responsibility of the Licensee, except for those that may correspond to the Licensor in accordance with current legislation

ELEVENTH. Overwhelming force

The delay in the fulfillment of any obligation of the Parties will not be considered an omission or a breach of the Contract in the event that it has its origin in unforeseeable or unavoidable causes (hereinafter, "Force Majeure"), provided that it has been duly notified to the other Party about this situation.

Force Majeure will be understood as, among others: flood, fire, explosion, failure in the production plant, lockout, strike, civil disturbance, blockade, embargo, mandate, law, order, regulation, ordinance, demand or request of the government, or any other cause that is beyond the control of the Party involved, without it being understood that the lack of funds constitutes a cause of Force Majeure.

The Party affected by Force Majeure will do everything possible to eliminate its cause. The enforceability of the obligation whose compliance has been affected by the Force Majeure situation will be suspended until ten (10) days after the Force Majeure situation stops preventing or delaying compliance. If the Force Majeure cause does notdisappear after thirty (30) days, or a shorter period that justifies the resolution due to the impossibility of executing the obligation, the Parties may agree to modify the Contract or its resolution.

TWELFHT. Obligation of secrecy and confidentialy

The Parties acknowledge that all the information that can be accessed under the Contract, whether related to the License itself or related to the activity or organization of any of the Parties (hereinafter, the "Information"), has In this way, the Parties agree not to disclose it and maintain the strictest confidentiality with respect to said Information, warning, where appropriate, of said duty of confidentiality and secrecy to their employees, associates and any person who, by their position or personal or sentimental relationship should or may have access to it.

Neither Party may reproduce, modify, make public or disclose the Information to third parties without the prior written and express authorization of the other Party. The Parties undertake to put the necessary means so that the Information is not disclosed or transferred. They will adopt the same security measures that they would adopt with
respect to confidential information of their property, avoiding its loss, theft or theft. The recipient of the Information undertakes, where appropriate, to warn about the existence of the duty of confidentiality to its employees, associates, and to any person to whom the Information is provided, being responsible for the improper use that they may make of the information. Information related to the Contract.

Likewise, the Party that receives the Information undertakes to inform the other Party of any action or incident by third parties that may violate the confidentiality of the Information.

Both Parties undertake that the use of the Information will only be aimed at achieving the objectives of the Contract and not others, and that, thus, it will only be known to ​those persons strictly necessary to comply with those. The provisions relating to confidentiality set forth in this Agreement shall apply during the term thereof.

THIRTEENTH. Early termination of the Contract

This Contract may be terminated by the mutual agreement of the Parties, with the effects that they determine, provided that said termination is formulated in writing.

On the other hand. The Contract will end during the initial duration period. or of any of its Extensions, provided that either of the Parties denounces its extension in accordance with the provisions of the previous Stipulation of Contract Duration.
Likewise, it may be resolved at any time by each of the Parties, at their choice, without the need for judicial intervention, and without prejudice to the liability incurred by the other Party for breach of contract, provided there are "justified causes" , as explained below:

a.To the total or partial breach by the other Party of any of the essential conditions or obligations of this Contract that is not corrected within a period of ten (10) days from the written and reliable notification to do so

b. the existence of important operating or technical problems of the Software that affect or hinder the development of its Purpose

c. the others established in the articles of this Contract or those that are included in the law, and specifically, in the Civil Code and the Commercial Code.

FOURTEENTH. Non-existence of resignation

The waiver of one of the Parties to demand compliance with any of the obligations provided for in the Contract, or to exercise any of the rights or actions that assist it by virtue of it, (a) will not release the other Party from the full compliance of the remaining obligations contained in the Contract; and, (b) it will not be understood as a waiver to demand in the future the fulfillment of any obligation or to exercise rights or actions provided for in the Contract. The waiver, postponement or waiver of any of the rights contemplated in the Contract, or a part of them, will only be binding if it is in writing, and may be subject to the conditions that the grantor of said waiver, postponement or waiver deems appropriate, limiting itself to the specific case in which it occurred, and will not restrict, in any case, the enforceability in other cases of the right to which it affects.

FIFTEENTH. Breach of contract

The breach by either Party of the obligations set forth in this Contract will empower the other Party to either demand its compliance plus the corresponding payment of interest derived from the delay in compliance, or to terminate the Contract in the event that the non-compliance by the non-compliant Party is not rectified or remedied within a period of ten (10) calendar days from the date on which the non-compliance is verified, with the consequent compensation for damages plus the payment of interest for the delay in compliance following the provisions of article 1,124 of the Civil Code. No one may be ​exempted from compliance with the obligations of this Contract by paying the corresponding compensation for damages, and compliance with the Obligations or benefits due together with the satisfaction of the corresponding compensation.

SIXTEENTH. Enforceability

Failure by any Party to comply with any of the obligations contained in this Contract will not affect the right of said Party to enforce it. The waiver by any Party of a stipulation of this Agreement may not be construed either as a waiver to denounce any subsequent breach of said stipulation, nor as a waiver thereof.

SEVENTEENTH. License Transfer

The Software License may not be assigned, transmitted, assigned, rented or sub-licensed, regardless of the form or legal business used for that purpose, without the express prior authorization, and in writing, of the Licensor.

EIGHTEENTH. Software updates

The Licensor may carry out the updates it deems appropriate to guarantee the usefulness and security of the Software and its adaptation to its Purpose. On the other hand, the Licensor may facilitate all those updates aimed at simply improving the performance of the Software, its content or increasing its profits in exchange for a price that must be agreed between the Parties in each case.

NINETEENTH. Data Protection

The Parties to this Contract are aware of and are bound to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data. and the free circulation of these data (RGPD), as well as Organic Law 3/2018, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights and its development regulations, and / or those that could replace or update them in the future . In this way, the Parties are aware that by signing this Contract they consent that their personal data collected in this Contract, as well as those that may be collected in the future to be able to comply or correctly execute it, could be incorporated by the other Party into its own automated or non-automated data collection file in order to correctly execute the contractual relationship and, eventually, for administrative and / or commercial management. In any case, the Parties undertake that this personal data will not be communicated in any case to third parties, although, if it were the case that some type of communication of personal data were to be carried out, they always and previously undertake, to request the express, informed, and unequivocal consent of the Party that is the owner of said personal data, indicating the specific purpose for which the data will be communicated.

TWENTIETH. Notifications

The Parties designate as domicile for the purposes of notifications those consigned in the heading of this Contract. Notifications will be made in writing through reliable means that records the date of their shipment, as well as the address to which it is addressed and the date of receipt by the other Party.

TWENTY-FIRST. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The Contract will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation and, in particular, with Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, which approves therevised text of the Intellectual Property Law.

The Parties submit for the resolution of any disputes or claims derived from the interpretation or execution of the Contract, including all those non-contractual obligations derived from or related to the Contract, to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts and Tribunals according to law.

TWENTY-SECOND. No Licenced Software warranty

The Licensed Software is provided to Licensee "as is". The Licensor, and the Licensee´s suppliers, affiliates, agents, employees, do not warrant its used or performance. Licensor and Licensee´s affiliates make no warranties, conditions, representations or terms (express or implied by Statute, Common Law, Customs or otherwise) as to any Commercial Rights, non-limitations, matters integration, satisfactory quality or fitness for any particular purpose, except for and to the extent that the warranty may not be excluded or limited by applicable law in the Licensee´s  Jurisdiction.
You expressly acknowledge and agree that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, use of the Lighthouse Trading Software is at your sole risk, and all risk as to quality, performance and satisfactory accuracy is with you. No oral or written information or advice given by Lighthouse Trading or an authorized representative shall create a warranty.
The Software may contain "open source" materials (for example, any Software subject to open Source, Copyleft, GNU General, Public License, Free General Public License, Minor General Public License, Mozille Source License, Mozille Source License Mit, Apache or Public Domain Licenses or similar License). Lighthouse Trading makes no warranties regarding the open source materials contained in the Software. The provisions of Eula on the restriction of liability will apply.
Limitation of liability: in no event will the Licensor, or the Licensor´s affiliates, their employees, the agents be liable for any damages, claims or costs whatsoever, or for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, punitive damages or incidental losses. Even if a representative of the Licensor or one of the Licensor´s affiliates has been informed of the possibility of such losses, damages, claims or costs or of any claim by any third party. These limitations and exclusions apply to the extent permitted by applicable law in Licensee´s Jurisdiction. The aggregate liability of Licensee and Licensee´s affiliates, its employees, Agent under or in connection with this Eula, shall be limited to the fees that Licensee has paid for the Licensed Software, if any.
If the Software is subject to a threatened, potencial or actual claim of infringement or another right for which Lighthouse Trading may be responsible, Licensee will make inmediate and reasonable efforts to discontinue elftinita of the Sofware and disclaimer from using the Software Company (including email), Lighthouse Trading may provide Licensee with a replacement or updated or modified Software free of charge. In such circumstances, Lighthouse Trading will have no other liabilities.
In virtue whereof, the Parties acknowledge having read the Contract in its entirety, declare that they understand it, and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions, constituting the full and total agreement of the parties.