Maximize opportunities through powerful
analysis of market supply and demand

Features that make your trading more productive

 Real time Data Analysis: The algorithm works by continuosly processing live data such as Time & Sales, volume, tape pace and tape acceleration.

 Dynamic Assessment: The algorithm performs real-time analyses, dynamically adapting to identify aggressive buyers and sellers actively influencing the market.

 Incorporating Market Dynamics: By monitoring factors like pace of tape and volume, it gauges the momentum and intensity of market activities, aiding in informed decision-making.

Smart settings for changing markets!

Full automation capability

The algorithm facilitates completely automated trading,
removing the need for manual intervention in executing trades.

Adaptable Trading Modes

It offers flexibility by switching between Tendency Mode or
Sideways Mode based on the market context, optimizing its approach accordingly.

Proactive Profit-taking

This algorithm exhibits efficiency by capturing profits before
reaching the predetermined target, employing proactive profit-taking strategies.

Market Versality

It showcases adaptability by functioning seamlessly in both mini
and micro futures markets, demonstrating its versatility across different market segments.

Contextual Adaptation

The algorithm's ability to adjust trading modes and its adaptable nature in various market environments enable it to navigate changing conditions effectively for optimized trading outcomes.

Want to know how it works?

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Full control of the strategy from the configuration menu
and our Button Box that works in real time!

In the configuration menu

Trade management

The algorithm offers two ways to manage trades:

Define the profit target and stoploss limits in the strategy Menu

Select your ATM strategy to manage the trade 

Money management

Max daily stoploss

Max daily portfolio losses

Max daily profit target

Max daily portfolio profits


Define your start and end time for the algorithm´s work

Aggressive buyers/sellers filter

Depending on the market that you work and the volatility, you can adjust this filter with our exclusive setups

Button Box

The Button Box works in real time. You can change the settings at any time without restarting the strategy

On/Off function

Allows turning the strategy on and off without restarting it


Two modes to work in trend markets or sideways


Move stoploss inmediately to breakeven (there is also the function of autobreakeven)

Take profit

If you press the take profit button, the algorithm inmediately takes the profits obtained so far and continues working (there is also the function of trailing stop)

Only long/Only short

Allows you trade on one side or on both sides

TNT on/off

Enable filter to detect aggressive buyers/sellers

How does it work?

 Real-Time Supply and Demand Analysis: The system employs a three-layered approach to analyze supply and demand dynamics in real time. This analysis is fundamental in understanding market control and the entry of aggressive buyers or sellers.

 Visual Representation for Market ControlUsing a graphical and intuitive representation on charts, the system visually indicates the entity currently dominating the market. It highlights the entry of aggressive buyers or sellers, providing clarity on market control dynamics.

 Precise Entry Point Determination:  Beyond assessing market control, the algorithm scrutinizes the pace of the tape, acceleration, imbalances, and potential absorptions. These factors collectively aid in identifying the exact entry point for a trade.

 Trade Execution Strategy:  The algorithm initiates trades once it discerns which party holds control of the market and observes aggressive order entries. This strategy ensures an informed and strategic approach to entering trades.

Five Reasons 

Maximixed Performance Potencial

This system empowers users to utilize the strategy to its full capacity, leveraging the setups tailored for each market. This ensures the highest performance potential, enabling users to optimize their trading outcomes.

Real-time Trade Management

The product offers the unique advantage of managing trades in real time without disrupting the strategy. The KeyPad feature facilitates seamless interaction, allowing users to actively engage and make informed decisions while the strategy remains operational.

In-Depth Market Analysis

The three-layered approach to real-time supply and demand analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics. This knowledge is crucial for identifying opportunities and making informed decisions based on the market's control dynamics.

Precision in Entry Points

The algorithm's meticulous analysis of various factors—such as tape pace, acceleration, imbalances, and absorptions—ensures precise entry points for trades. This precision enhances the likelihood of successful trades by identifying optimal moments to enter the market.

Strategic Trade Execution

The algorithm's strategy of entering trades based on identified market control and aggressive order entries ensures a strategic approach.
This approach is designed to capitalize on favorable market conditions, increasing the probability of profitable trades.