Trade smarter with smart levels

Features that make your trading more productive

 Trading based on predefined levels: The algorithm executes trades based on previously designed and projected levels from previous day to the next, providing a clear and predictable market structure and the trade it will be able to perform.

 Clear objective for each Trade: Start a trade when the price breaks a level and aims for the next level. This provides a clear and defined strategy for each trade, facilitating the trader's decision-making whether they want to manage the trade or let the algorithm do it automatically.

 Wide range of levels: With a total of 30 levels, all of different sizes, that could be used in a single day, the strategy offers broad coverage and flexibility to adapt to different market conditions.

 Price attraction zones: These levels act as price attraction zones, which can help the trader identify entry and exit opportunities based on significant levels on the chart.

 Flexibility in management: The trader has the option to use the strategy fully hands free or to manage the trade using our Button Box. Additionally, key parameters (in main menu) such as StopLoss size, maximum daily loss, maximum daily profit, and trading hours can be adjusted, allowing for customized adaptation to each user's
preferences and needs. Among other options.

Smart Trading Levels! 

Hands-Free trading

The algorithm facilitates completely automated trading,
removing the need for manual intervention in executing trades..

Market Map

At the beginning of a new day, the strategy deploys its operational Smart Trading Levels. Showing a perfect market map to the trader.

Button Box

Our button panel allows you to manage trades, take profits early, move your stop loss to Breakeven and many more functions. All in real time.

Changing Markets

By deploying 30 levels it allows the trader to have opportunities in any market context and to know in advance where we are going to make our trades.

Micro and Mini Markets

You can use the strategy in different markets with both Micro or Mini contracts.

Want to know how it works?

Learn more about LH Levels System

Full control of the strategy from the configuration menu
and our Button Box that works in real time!

In the configuration menu

Trade management

 Define the stoploss limits in the strategy Menu

Position management

 Position Size : Quantity of contracts

 Enable Auto breakeven rules

Money management

 Max daily Profit target

 Max daily stoploss


 It has 2 time windows that can be activated independently. Where the start time and end time of the trading session are indicated.

Button Box

The Button Box works in real time. You can change the settings at any time without restarting the strategy

On/Off function

Allows turning the strategy on and off without restarting it


Move stoploss inmediately to breakeven (there is also the function of autobreakeven)

Take profit

If you press the take profit button, the algorithm inmediately takes the profits obtained so far and continues working (there is also the function of trailing stop)

Only long/Only short

Allows you to trade on one side or on both sides

How does it work?

 The algorithm analyzes the movements of the previous day and designs a map of levels for the next day where a price reaction is expected.

 The levels act as zones of attraction for the price; the strategy designs them with an amazing level of prediction and precision.

 This allows the trader to know the entire market map and the possible trade that the strategy will carry out.

 Entries occur when the price breaks a zone and the target of the trade is the next zone.

 The strategy has automated trade management, using its own trailing stop.

Five reasons

Structured Trading Approach

By utilizing predefined levels derived from previous day's data, the software offers a structured approach to trading. This structure provides traders with a clear understanding of market dynamics, fostering a more disciplined trading strategy.

Objective Trade Execution

Each trade initiated by the algorithm is driven by specific price movements, such as breaking through predefined levels. This objective criterion
removes ambiguity from trade decisions, enabling traders to execute with confidence and clarity.

Comprehensive Level Coverage

With 30 distinct levels available for trading within a single day, the software offers extensive coverage across various market conditions.
This breadth of levels empowers traders with flexibility, ensuring adaptability to evolving market scenarios.

Identification of Price Attraction Zones

The predefined levels serve as effective price attraction zones, aiding traders in identifying opportune moments for entry and exit. By pinpointing significant levels on the chart, traders can capitalize on potential price
movements with precision.

Flexible Trade Management

Traders have the freedom to choose between fully automated trading or manual intervention through the Button Box interface. Moreover, the software allows customization of critical parameters such as Stop Loss
size, daily loss/profit limits, and trading hours, catering to individual preferences and requirements.